Quiet Urgency

Fall has come. I love the angle of light, arrival of new migrating birds' songs, exotic scents tumbling down dry hillside grasses, shimmering leaves, the tender touch of cooling nights. And for me something new.

A sense of quiet urgency.

Is it me? The season? The world?

Before this fall – in early summer - I moved into a community of 200 people 62 years of age and older. Shortly after I arrived, I attended a community gathering.

I am chatting away with others and enjoying my meal, when suddenly the woman across from me just quietly melts into her chair, head slumps onto the table. She seems to have died before our eyes. Unresponsive, check of pulse...nothing, color turning greenish grey. All within a couple of minutes. Aid cars arrive whisking her off and leaving me sobered. So this is what it means to live in an older community I think to myself. Death and dying anywhere, anytime. On my way home I run into staff member Dave – our community philosopher and fixer of all things. Drawing on his wisdom from working many years with our community he tells me:

It's not that we expect anyone here to die.

But when someone dies, it's not unexpected.

So there you go! Death but a whisper away. Welcome to my world.

But wait a minute! That's true anywhere. No matter where we live, no matter our age or condition, we can never really know when death will tap us on the shoulder. And I'm learning being aware of death ain't all bad. 'Cause awareness of death comes bearing gifts:

  • A reminder to each of us that our lives are fleeting

  • And a hearty invitation to give fullest expression to our most unique and essential selves.

So here I stand this fall. Feeling quiet urgency.

  • as light dims, flowers fade and leaves fall

  • as fewer years stand before me than behind

  • as climate change wreaks havoc, scores of species go extinct daily, wildfires rampage through nearby neighborhoods

All these nudge-nudge-nudge-ing heel-nipping reminders from death inviting us to live our lives as fully as possible. To live our light! So we can bring ever more clarity, kindness and love to ourselves, one another and our welcoming world.

What better thing to do with our lives?


If not now, when?!?

And I am the perfect person to accompany and support you on your journey. I love talking and working with people who want to lead more expansive and joyful lives. Often clients come to me feeling stuck or like they're wading through the bogs or experiencing a mysterious restlessness of spirit. Or they can be reeling from immense changes – like empty nests, loss of loved ones or a dream job come true.

I am here to collaborate and reflect back to you your deepest yearnings; and to inspire, encourage and support the fullest expression of your essential self.

To join me for a complimentary half hour of conversation and exploration.


On Saturday, October 21st I will be offering a workshop on the Change Cycle in Benicia.

The Change Cycle is a powerful tool for navigating the inevitable ups and downs of our fast-changing lives. As a compass it helps us figure out where we are, and how best to move through the challenges and possibilities of the moment. Would love to see you there! www.flyinginformationworkshops.org

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