I met my deceased mother recently. In a dream. It was our first meeting since her death nearly five years ago. I know this is the last time we are meeting as mortals. Sitting knee to knee. Equals. She has a parting gift for me. Despite its crumpled foil wrapping, we both know it is a stained glass medallion. Transmitter and transformer of light into deep jeweled colors and evocative of my ancestral heritage. We laugh wordlessly at the irony of this gift coming just when I'm doing my best to shed things from my life.

It is a dream of love. And goodbye.

I weep. Love and sadness flood out all long-held regrets of not having been more loving, patient and kind in her final years. We have returned to our essential connection in love. Two spirits. Meeting at the edge.

Does her death represents loss? Yes.

And gain? Hmmmmm. Never thought of that before. . . .


. . . that is, until reading Chicana writer Sandra Cisneros' A House of My Own:

Whenever anyone discusses death they talk about the inevitable loss, but no one ever mentions the inevitable gain. . . How when you lose a loved one, you suddenly have a spirit ally, an energy on the other side that is with you always, that is with you just by calling their name . . .


Imagine! Spirit allies available to us in ways you and I may never have really even imagined.

Allies. For me? My mother immediately comes to mind. And my aunt, beloved sister, niece, father, dear friends and critters. And then even more ancient nameless ancestors.

Who might your spirit allies be?

Cisneros writes:

I know this sounds like a lot of hokey new age stuff, but really it's old age, so ancient and wonderful and filled with such wisdom that we have had to relearn it because our miseducation has taught us to name it 'superstition'.”

Sandra Cisneros is inviting us to return, to find our way back to the gifts of our own wisdom traditions . . . those rich ancient ways that have always known spirit allies are just a call away.


I've decided to accept her invitation in the spirit of curiosity and play.

To begin welcoming spirit allies into my life.

It seems time to re-learn, reclaim these gifts of connection and communication. To enrich our lives even further by beginning a conversational adventure into worlds we may have forgotten for far too long.

It's an inquiry for me . . . practicing, trying out, re-membering how to call on, invite my spirit allies from the great beyond. So, for starters:

An I love you to my mom, a friendly hello to my dad, or a big thank you to beloved cat Panther, and hey Suzy, how about a hand in creating something beautiful out of this mess of yarn? Or, check this awesome happening out, Jess! And to all my spirit allies? Please bring us some inspired new ways of being and seeing as we move through these times of immense change? . . . Please?

And for you? Who might you be talking to? Perhaps you are already . . . ahead of the game so-to-speak?


Finally, for all of us who are being called to dance with the great transformation of our times, Cisneros suggests:

For those of us living between worlds, our job in the universe is to help others see with more than their eyes during this period of chaotic transition. Our work … is to help others to become visionary, to help us all to examine our dilemmas in multiple ways and arrive at creative solutions—otherwise we all will perish.


So let's do it!

Let's grow a life of conversation with one another and our spirit allies.

And in the process a vibrant flourishing world for all beings.

These are just the times to pull all the stops.

Don't you think?

Ready to live your light?


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