Angela is a talented and wise coach. She offers just the right amount of guidance while always ensuring the client's thoughts and feelings are foremost.


For me, Angela offered just the right amount of structure. I like to process things out loud as a way of getting to an understanding and she is a keen listener who reflects back accurately. That allowed me to go even deeper in uncovering my idea of a wonderful future and things that were holding me back.


Angela's tool box of methods and skills is diverse, so she's able to offer the right things at the right times. I made quick progress in reaching goals that had long eluded me, and the alchemy of her coaching was a powerful part of that.

— Catherine D.

Media Strategist, SF bay area

What people are saying

“This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let it Shine...

Let it Shine! Let is Shine! Let it Shine!”

Since working with Angela, it's remarkable to see how significant shifts continue to unfold with increasing joy, beauty, and wisdom.


Angela and I connected at a point when I was grieving a major loss, uncertain about the future, and unclear about where I wanted to be when I got there. I was at an apparent crossroads, feelings overwhelmed, indecisive, and seemingly unable to move forward with confidence.


Our weekly sessions provided a structure for goal-setting and achievement that were instrumental in helping me move forward.  Angela displayed a great compassion and openness to the myriad intense emotions and narratives that arose.  She offered a variety of approaches, tools, and techniques on the levels of body, mind, and spirit.  A sparkling enthusiasm paired with genuine warmth and curiosity enabled me to feel completely safe, supported, and valued.


Associate Clinical Social Worker, SF Bay Area

Working with Angela is a delight and a revelation. She listens with intelligence and heart, then illuminates roots I hadn’t noticed before, freeing me to new action and wiser approaches. Each session, she leaves me with a wider, brighter view than I imagined possible. The thorniest problems soften under her touch. The priorities of my deeper direction find their voice.


— Sandy E.

Artist, poet, lover of wildness, SF Bay area

I had the good fortune to meet and work with Angela at a time when I was feeling burned out, stuck and uninspired. Her intuitive ability to just dwell with me, to listen carefully, encouraged self exploration to emerge with calm and ease. With Angela's guidance, I was introduced to tools like the body compass, which showed me the importance of connecting the body to the mind and honoring that wisdom. Gradually, I was able to accept wherever I happen to be in the basic change cycle with humor and grace! With gratitude, I feel lighthearted once again and able to move forward. Thank You Angela! 

— Nancy Z.

Singer, Educator and Performing Arts Advocate

SF Bay Area

I came to Angela when I was in the midst of an inner state of chaos. She introduced me to a “map” of change, the “Change Cycle”, so I could get some sense of where I was, and use it to navigate through the turmoil and actually benefit from it. She gave me tools to use to keep me steady. 


Angela's easy, relaxed manner supported me when I lost my way. She helped me find and connect to my own body wisdom. I felt empowered. I felt her hearing me deeply and responding with warmth and wisdom. I felt held in a safe lap of a wise woman while I got my feet underneath me again.

— Anna U.

Transformational Leader, Berkeley, C A

My name is Maribel. 

I'm really happy and grateful to my coach Angela. Her guidance took me out of the world that I was living in after my brother passed away,  Then I was sitting and living in a comfort zone, my world was pretty small and full of fears. Now my life is different and full of energy. I am always busy with new jobs and projects, and now taking a class to better manage my finances....... so I am a new person now.

Thanks Angela.

— Maribel M.

Angela’s tender, compassionate, inquisitive, and directionally guided coaching  was presented to me as a flash of golden opportunity at a time when my life was in a stage of upheaval and unexpected change.


After completing eight sessions I perceived more self confidence, self awareness, and courage in present moment.  She helped me move through a stream of human emotions that were triggered by uncertainty. She guided me to recognize a new stage of personal growth and shifting consciousness without pushing me through the process.


Light up your soul.  If you allow Angela to help guide you to find your true north, you may discover a truer inner voice that’s yours inviting heart centered joy, love, and compassion for self and others in your life.


— Shannon S.

San Francisco Bay Area

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