Living Your Light

This Little Light of Mine is a personalized series of 8 coaching sessions, in which you will:
  • Connect with the light of who you are

  • Draw on your sound-wisdom ways

  • Shed what no longer fits or serves you

  • Dream and create enlivening, new ways of being

  • Grow a life of clarity and vision

Focusing In to Lighten Up


Spotlight is 1 in-depth 90 minute coaching session, in which you will:
  • Gain clarity and direction around a specific issue, decision, or area of concern

  • Experience a renewed sense of direction and momentum

  • Grow in lightness of being

Just because!


I work with people who feel the life they have been living for years no longer fits. They feel restless, rudderless and stuck and crave a life that feels fully authentic and deeply satisfying. 


I help them connect with their own inner wisdom and discover what truly lights them up, so they can begin to flourish and lead their uniquely inspired, dazzling and fulfilling lives.

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"It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

–Marianne Williamson. Spiritual teacher, Author and Lecturer

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