My name is 

I am deep-listening.   Light hearted.

Compassionate.   Collaborative.

Curious and Adventurous.

You know you are spirit embodied. And you are a seeker.


Your curiosity brings you to experiences and places that the conventional world does not explore. More than anything, you desire to live a life that is congruent with who you’re really here to be. It’s not just a would-be-nice notion. You are itching, yearning, needing to be bigger to be lighter. And you’re asking, “What is my next step?”

Or maybe you just sense this - this notion that you are Light.


There’s a bigger self that’s waiting to be born. The old ways aren’t working, or they are falling away around you. You may feel rudderless, confined, restless; because one thing is clear - the life you have been living for years just no longer fits. You know there’s got to be another way of moving and living in the world and you’re asking,

“Where do I go from here?”


What do you do when you feel the life you have been living for years just no longer fits? You crave a life that feels fully authentic and deeply satisfying.  Yet you feel restless, rudderless and stuck.  I help you connect with your deep inner wisdom and discover what truly lights you up.  So you can begin to flourish and lead your uniquely inspired, vibrant and fulfilling life.

I am delighted

to offer you theGift of a 30 minute phone Coaching Session.

Contact me directly and we'll set up a time to talk. 

It's Fall time!

My program, This Little Light of Mine, is a personalized series of 8 coaching sessions, in which you will:
  • Connect with the light of who you are

  • Tap into your sound-wisdom-ways

  • Shed what no longer fits or serves you

  • Grow in clarity and vision

"It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us."

–Marianne Williamson. Spiritual teacher, Author and Lecturer


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